The Secret Song

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Saturday,  April 9, 2022 at 7:00pm

Dedicated to showcasing the talent within its music industry, Oshawa Music Week presents The Secret Song. Representing the RnB genre with a speakeasy theme, artists will perform their songs to celebrate their journeys and grow their audiences.

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Hosted by DJ Suppa Hot Fire

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Brooke Palsson

Known internationally for her work as a leading role in the HBO hit series "Less Than Kind", Netflix series “Between”, and an upcoming recurring role on “Workin’ Moms” (Season 6) the Winnipeg native has also had her Juno nominated music featured in television programs including the Less Than Kind, Flashpoint (seen on CTV) Kim’s Convenience, Avocado Toast and feature films The Colossal Failure of the Modern Relationship, Hazy Little Thing and Polarized.

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Joshua Timtim

Joshua is a 19-year-old aspiring pop / R&B artist and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Canada. Joshua Timtim wants to show his God-given talent to everyone. He wants to perform in front of thousands of people in big arenas and make an impact in their lives through music. He wants to leave a legacy that many generations will listen to, enjoy, and inspire.

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Malaika Khadijaa

Toronto-based artist, Malaika Khadijaa’s voice is sultry, soft, and as smooth as her signature headscarf. It oozes into the pieces of your soul that you didn’t even know existed. She harmonizes like an angel and her indie-r&b with a sprinkle of African melodies has the power to make your heart shine a little brighter.

Hosted by


DJ Suppa Hot Fire

Being in love with music his whole life, Anthony joined the entertainment scene, in 2015, and became known as DJ Suppahotfire. Intrigued with spinning records and making crowds of people dance, he taught himself how to blend and mix tracks. From listening to radio shows and numerous DJ Mixtapes, he further mastered this craft and was able to mix smoother, cut and rock a dance floor . Growing up in a predominately popular Hip-Hop and Reggae environment, Suppahotfire naturally embraced the culture and started Dj'ing local house parties, bars and eventually music festivals.