Diversity in the Music Business

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Saturday,  April 9, 2022 at 1:00pm


Over the years, music has evolved and become inclusive to every perspective, every emotion, and every community. Diversity within the Music Industry will be discussed by a group of diverse individuals who will speak on the changes of diversity through the music industry. Topics like what has changed, what needs to change, and how we measure the progress of diversity will be talked about. 

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Moderated by Dillon Stuart


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Ellie Perleberg

Ellie Perleberg (she/her) is a singer/songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota whose goal is to make the genre of country music more appealing and a lot more queer. she’s an advocate for others with hydrocephalus and other invisible or chronic illnesses and has had plans to return to the studio since March 2020 - as soon as it’s safe for high-risk folks.


Elisa Palazzo

Elisa Palazzo is a professional creative photographer for 8 years. Born in Ontario Canada , lived in British Columbia and Europe. For two years she has worked as a music photographer and has mastered her skill as Director of Photography and Creative Director for artists in the US and Canada. She has creatively captured the stories of clients lives all over Canada and abroad and is continuously inspired by art, film, history, music, and everything in between to give all her clients a unique experience by listening to their needs and delivering the most creative, emotional experience through photos. Most recently, she was personally invited to showcase her work at RAW ARTIST CANADA in Toronto, Ontario and will also be part of the media experience for The Weekend and Halsey this summer. She is also a member of womeninmusic and womeninmusic Canada. She has also worked with many musicians, singers and rappers in her career and have learned the skills to navigate the industry as a woman. Elisa is a boho, animal lover, old soul, creative, artistic, free spirit. “Photography to me is transferring light and time into something physical. Timeless moments, a universal language we all speak, and great photos communicate our stories so much in an instant, without words or sound”.

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Jennifer Beavis

Jennifer Beavis has 30 years’ experience in music publishing after graduating from Fanshawe College, Music Industry Arts in 1993. Her positions over the years included working with the multi-national publishers BMG, EMI and famed Vancouver-based independent record label and music management and publishing firm, Nettwerk Productions.

 She was the Director of Copyright for the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) for four and a half years, Director of Publishing and Licensing Administration for Nettwerk and held the position of Executive Director of the Songwriters Association of Canada.  Hand-picked by the executive team at Canada’s largest independent publishing company, ole; she held the position of Senior Director of Administration where she directed the day-to-day business affairs of catalogue acquisitions and publishing administration for over five years. Since 2010, she runs her own publishing administration business; Librascor Copyright Consulting where clients include: Arts and Crafts Productions, 604 Records, Tanjola, C2W Music Limited, and music supervision for ET Canada and E One Entertainment, and several on-going projects with Zoomer Media since 2017. In March 2013 she was hired to be BMG’s exclusive representative in Canada for synchronization, copyright administration, overseeing both financial and internal infrastructure for the territory. In 2021 she was elected to serve on the SOCAN Board of Directors for the 2021-2024 term. Jennifer has also served on the Boards of the Canadian Music Publishers Association; a founding board member of The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame, as well as serving on the Canadian Country Music Awards and Durham College Music Business Management Committee and has lectured extensively on copyright and publishing both at home and abroad.

 Since 2019 she has been an Executive Producer and talent judge for the Canadian Singer Songwriter competition on Made 4 TV program, The Shot and The Shot Remastered.



Bugatti Bonsu is a Ghanaian Canadian Recording artist, Songwriter and Entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada who began his musical journey following the passing of his late brother. Fear was the driving force in holding Bugatti back from pursuing his dream in entertainment. However, the passing of Bugatti’s brother finally gave him the courage to pursue a career in music and inspired his debut EP titled “No Fear” and his debut clothing brand titled “NO FEAR MOVEMENT”.

Bugatti Bonsu is most known for his new genre-bending sound, which infuses elements of Afro-beats, Dancehall, Reggaeton, R&B and more. This has allowed Bugatti to stand alone and create his own lane as well as his own unique sound that would see him stand out in this very competitive Toronto Music Scene. Bugatti released his sophomore EP in August 2021 titled “Ladies Love” which showcases more of his dope new sound that his fans have fallen in love with. The 7 Track release has been well received by fans and critics alike and features big appearances by Twy, Fame Holiday, Phab, Dbx2, Looch Bodega, Chux Starr, Nina Ricchie and Slim Flex.

From hosting and performing at some of the biggest events in the city, to his clothing brand being a part of its first fashion show, to having his music played live on the radio to gaining an international audience with his music being featured on Canadian/UK/US platforms such as GRM-Daily, Link Up TV, Worldstarhiphop, Hip-Hop Canada just to name a few, Bugatti is on fire and is destined for greatness with a bright future ahead.

Hosted by

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Dillon Stuart

 Dillon Stewart is a cultural commentator better known for his current role on the True North Views podcast. A prominent figure in the underground Toronto ndie music scene. Dillon has worked with some of Canada’s biggest music blogs also working with multiple artists across all genres aiding in the creation of music and visuals.