NFTs - Will NFTs Be As Revolutionary As Streaming Was To The Music Industry?

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Friday,  April 8, 2022 at 4:00pm

Non-Fungible Tokens [NFTs] have the potential of reshaping the music industry. Our panel will explain what NFTs are and who will benefit in the short and long term. Furthermore, they will  discuss how NFTs put power directly in the hands of music creators by giving them direct access to their income and the fans.

Moderated by Dillon Stuart

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Paul Eastwood

Paul Eastwood is an entrepreneur and an entertainment executive with extensive experience in brand and business development across the sectors of recorded music, merchandising, event sponsorship, music publishing, and blockchain & NFT solutions.

He is currently the Head of Marketing & Business Development at Gigr Entertainment & Technology where he oversees all investor and client outreach in addition to the company’s branding, content and communications.

Prior to joining Gigr, Paul held positions with ole Media Management (now Anthem Entertainment) as Director of Brands, The Feldman Agency’s Brand Partnerships division, and with Showtech Merchandising as Director of Sales & Licensing.

As Vice President of Marketing & Promotion with Universal Music, he oversaw the marketing strategies for many top international artists including: 50 Cent, The Black Eyed Peas, Sheryl Crow, Eminem, Enrique Iglesias, No Doubt, Sting, and The Tragically Hip.

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Kody Sloos

 Kody Sloos is a Montreal based music journalist and MBM alumni. Recently graduating in April 2021, Kody has turned his journalistic focus towards spotlighting independent musicians, while also helping guide them into the industry. Since November 2021, Kody has been working in a startup music corporation involved in the Web3/NFT space called “Sol Music”. With an emphasis geared towards the emerging artist while aiding them to find an alternative to signing a traditional record deal, Kody’s aim is to educate musicians on the possibilities and success of Web3 Music.

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Marc Moglen

Marc Moglen designed a unique course of study at UC Berkeley in Psychoacoustics and Music Perception and went on to lecture at the University of Leipzig in Empirical Musicology, focused on music in virtual spaces and new tonal systems.  He is deeply involved in the emerging NFT space, and is the strategist of XronoCircles, an algorithmic audio-visual project composed and developed by two leading music technology researchers.  He was formerly a VP at Music NFT marketplace and is currently launching a platform with other music industry luminaries.  He has been composing music for 20 years (electronic, singer/songwriter, and classical) and is releasing all of his work exclusively in Web3.  He has an MBA from the University of Rochester and a BA from UC Berkeley.

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Dillon Stuart

 Dillon Stewart is a cultural commentator better known for his current role on the True North Views podcast. A prominent figure in the underground Toronto ndie music scene. Dillon has worked with some of Canada’s biggest music blogs also working with multiple artists across all genres aiding in the creation of music and visuals.