E Q U A L is a Canadian harmonic-sister duo consisting of members Saleen and Chelsea Nolan. The two have been performing around the GTA for seven years, captivating audiences with their original music. At just 18 and 20 years old, the two have gone on to perform for the cast and crew of the IT movie, the Canadian Transplant Games and much more. 


Their blend of alternative folk-pop and catchy choruses have gained the attention of many industry professionals including Dave Bashk (Sum 41), Dan Clancy (Lighthouse) and Kim Cooke (Revolution Recording). 


The two were awarded Durham's Best Band as well as 1st place in Oshawa's Got Talent in 2018. Their original song "Healing" was awarded second place for the SASS Music Competition in 2018. 


The two sisters are currently working on their first EP as E Q U A L, set to release later this year.

Killing Venus

Emerging onto the local music scene with guns blazing, Killing Venus is an acoustic duo with folky, punky, rock ‘n’ roll vibes. With an incredible chemistry together, it didn’t take long before they had an extensive list of original material. They’re working hard to get their names out there, leaving a trail of nodding heads and shaking butts in their wake.


Elektra Watson: Vocals, Tambourine

Blake Harris: Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals


Judgement believes in spreading the message of equality and a judgment-free society. Stating that we as individuals are very quick to judge others and situations without any prior knowledge. This is seen through their live performance, social media, and music. 


The bands style of music derives from the early 2000’s emo/post-hardcore era. The band re-invents tasteful sounds that deliver a nostalgic but unforgettable feeling from the genre’s history, with modern elements and a different energy. Judgement's music focus’ on topics that are surrounded by societal issues that they feel are often overlooked, these include; mental illness, domestic violence, personal growth, society's expectations, and equality to name a few. 


Roughly two years ago Judgement was 2018's recipient of the Best Emerging Artist at the Oshawa music awards. In addition to the acknowledgment, the band was awarded a Certificate of Congratulations by The House of Commons for their efforts under their previous alias "Poor Judgement". Early 2019 was then spent recording their Sophomore EP alongside Producer/Mixer/Engineer Sam Guaiana of Room 21 Sound in Toronto, Ontario. 


With a new branding, afresh look, and a reinvented sound, Judgement is set to release their sophomore EP to the world in 2020.


"Judgement is a constant display of relentless ambition and determination." – Canadian Beats

Looking for Heather

Looking For Heather is an acoustic rock duo from Lindsay Ontario, Canada consisting of Jeff Gutteridge on vocals and guitar and Jay Bowes on lead guitar.  Formed in 1995, Looking For Heather began as rock band with Guitarist Randy Solski and Drummer Ric Wilson, Jay Originally played Bass. 


While they still perform and record as a rock band, it was announced in January 2020 that they would be performing this year as an Acoustic duo. The change from a full band to an acoustic based duo was to try something new, Jeff and Jay spent most of 2019 playing as a duo and really felt there was something there to explore further.  One thing is for sure, Jeff and Jay don’t want you to think this is another “quiet coffee shop” show, far from it!  The band uses lights, and a synced set of backing percussion tracks along with some real drums and electric guitars to augment the acoustic guitars. 


The idea is to create a full “show” experience something different from the “sit on a stool and read from the iPad” crowd currently dominating the Duo scene says Jeff.  “We play loud, but on acoustic guitars! And we use a lot of other stuff in the show to keep it interesting…I even play drums sometimes and Jay plays over half the show on an electric guitar!”  He continues, “The goal was to try something new and set ourselves apart.  The world doesn’t need any more acoustic cover/coffee house acts so we created a rock show!”  And why not!?  The band has been rocking for 25 years, it’s in their blood. 


 The band is currently in the studio recording an album of songs that are tailor made for the Duo presentation and the band hopes to release it early spring 2020.

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