Hip-Hop Night

Streamed on Happin

Saturday,  April 9, 2022 at 9:30pm

Join OMW as we celebrate the culture of Hip-Hop through music. An evening hosted by DJSuppa HotFire with performances by up-and-coming artists KOZII, J43ver, Doja Boy Ta, and duo Sav Soul and JaSwerV.

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DojaBoyTan, simply known as Doja is a young enthusiastic artist rising in the underground Toronto music scene, and has been making waves in the east of Toronto since his release of the East York anthem titled “The Top”.

Following his release of “Gone Away” in January, Doja is back with his debut EP solely produced by the “The Town” Members, which holds guest appearances from Toronto artist Jimmy Yitty and Ry21, it brings some new sounds to the Toronto music scene and is a refreshing take on showing love to your hometown through the eyes of a young artist.


Kozii is a 22 year old Hip-Hop/Rap artist & songwriter. He grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and is currently based in Winnipeg, a small city located in Manitoba, Canada. The young artist first started rapping as a hobby with his friends in grade 7, and this soon turned into a serious career when he discovered his strong passion for music. He would write lyrics of his own and perform them in church and social events.The support he received from those around him encouraged him to nurture his gift over time. Kozii has both African and American hip hop influences. He raps in multiple styles and flows, truly showing his talent – and combines a high level of lyricism with soothing melodies to make inspiring records. Kozii emerged with his debut EP titled "Yin Yang" in the summer of 2020, with "Shomo" being the lead single. This project amassed thousands of streams across several streaming platforms. He soon gained some recognition as he got featured on The Game's official playlist "Head Games" in January 2021 with his single "Better Days." Kozii recently released his first self-engineered album “Now or Never” in February 2022. He is continually working on evolving his sound and aims to inspire his listeners to follow their passions.

Sav Soul and JaSwerV

 Sav Soul and JaSwerV are two Hip-Hop/Rap artist & songwriter hailing out of the east end of Toronto, Ontario.

Sav Soul started officially recording at the age of 14, but he had been writing raps since he was 12. At the age 12, his close friend group was filled with rap talent, and they all decided to form a group and start taking rap seriously. Growing up, Sav Soul was heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, R&B, and Dancehall/Reggae. This year he has putting out a lot more solo music and is growing his audience through Soundcloud

JaSwerV started making music in 2020. He was surrounded by Sav Soul and his other friends who made music, and he already had a passion for music, which lead him to start going to the studio with his friends and start recording. He has recently put out his first single on streaming called Jessica’s song, and he is continuing to pit out many hit on Soundcloud.

Sav Soul and JaSwerV are an amazing duo that work together on many different tracks. Duos like Jordan and Pippen, The Splash Bros, and Penny and Shaq have no comparison to what happens when these two link up.



Canadian artist J43ver melodically shares stories of what shaped him into who he is. With a very braggadocious swagger the rapper is still able to open up about his insecurities and allows listeners to step in his shoes. Growing up, life had many highs and lows, from having his parents split up at the age of 3, and his mother being imprisoned when he was 4. At a young age he felt abandoned and never thought he was enough. J43ver always expressed himself artistically, whether it was drawing, writing poems or songs. Now, J43ver creates his music from a different perspective; the constant back and forth of right/wrong, the voice that you want to listen to compared to the one you should. Back in August of 2022, J43ver released his first single 'Mattress' and as of right now has 4 singles ('Speeding' being the most popular). What does the future look like? The artist is working on his debut project, and has collaborations with cemented musicians. The EP titled 'ON MY OWN' is scheduled to release May 6th.

Hosted by


DJ Suppa Hot Fire

Being in love with music his whole life, Anthony joined the entertainment scene, in 2015, and became known as DJ Suppahotfire. Intrigued with spinning records and making crowds of people dance, he taught himself how to blend and mix tracks. From listening to radio shows and numerous DJ Mixtapes, he further mastered this craft and was able to mix smoother, cut and rock a dance floor . Growing up in a predominately popular Hip-Hop and Reggae environment, Suppahotfire naturally embraced the culture and started Dj'ing local house parties, bars and eventually music festivals.