Music 411

Photo: Dakota Mill, 2021.

Music is a reflection of society and life within it. Without exception Dakota Mill reflects a wide array of experiences cultivated from personal and social awareness. The Toronto based indie-folk collective founded and fronted by Bradon Dougherty has been relentlessly writing, recording, and touring since emerging with their 2018 debut EP “Ages”.

Dakota Mill embraced personal and musical change with the 2019 sophomore EP “Common Ground” as Dougherty found a balance between coping with loss and gaining musical diversity through collaborations with fellow musicians Joey Den Butter, Eric Bernhardt, Anthony Borek, and Ryan McNeill. Following the release of “Common Ground” Dakota Mill continued to hone their craft while performing alongside indie powerhouses Wintersleep, Reuben and the Dark, Birds of Bellwoods and many more.

As society and life evolves so does the music of Dakota Mill. Through thought provoking lyrics, memorable melodies, and a dedication to self improvement there is no question of how Dakota Mill has achieved success in an impressively short time.