Achieving Balance: Social Media & Mental Health in Music

Photo: Kathryn Hummel, 2021.

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Kathryn Hummel has extensive knowledge in the music industry, working in and behind the scenes of prestigious artist related companies such as Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, FACTOR and in 2005 launched her own Artist Management and Marketing company.


In early 2017 Kathryn was awarded with the Metalworks Institute “Award of Merit” and in 2012 Hummel Entertainment was nominated for a Canadian Country Music Association Award for “Management Company of the Year."


Over the past nine years, Hummel created a strategic alignment with Canada’s 2nd oldest independent label, Royalty Records, where Hummel grew her role to oversee the label’s day to day and sat in the position of A&R and Director of Marketing & Promotions for the full-service nationally recognized record label and publisher, with distribution through Sony Music Canada/The Orchard and IDLA. Early 2019, saw a shift in Hummel’s career path, branching out to combine two passions of both health and music, by joining forces with Unison Benevolent Fund on a contract basis.


Continuing to bring change to Kathryn’s career path, 2021 has seen a major shift with putting her time at Royalty Records behind her after a successful run and developing a bigger role now as Allocations & Wellness Associate at Unison.


Over the last 2 years, Hummel has lent her experience to assist in developing panel topics, social media and marketing efforts and contributions to Unison’s blog series, #SelfCareSunday. Kathryn's hope is to use the Unison platform as a way to engage the music community to develop healthy habits during industry-wide events like the JUNOs, ECMAs, CMW etc, and is meant to be a resource for members of the Canadian music community.


Kathryn is trained and well-versed in the topic of mental health and is focused on bringing more awareness and change to the music industry. She is passionate about the need to take better care of our community and assist in creating more services available to both musicians and industry in need.