Songs Revealed - Judge

Photo: Moxie Raia, 2021.

Moxie Raia is a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter. Born in Red Bank, New Jersey, Laura Raia (who goes by Moxie Raia), got into music before she was even a teenager. At the age of 13, Moxie moved to New York City and began going to the Professional Children’s School.  
Moxie then went on to study Jazz at Columbia University before she eventually ended up moving to Los Angeles. Once there, she released her debut project, “931” and got the opportunity to open up for Justin Bieber on his “Purpose World Tour” in 2016. Since then, Moxie Raia has been constantly releasing music including the songs titled “Addition” and her most recent, “Pure Nature” with more to come in the near future. 
We are very excited to have Moxie Raia as a part of our Songs Revealed 2021 Judges Panel. With all of the experience she has as an artist and songwriter in the music industry, she will be able to share some of her knowledge and insight with the participants of this event. We thank and welcome Moxie Raia to Songs Revealed 2021.