World of Music Festival Present By DCSA

Streamed on Happin

Monday, April 4, 2022 at 6:30pm

There’s no better way to kick-off Oshawa Music Week than to celebrate and highlight some of the many different cultures around us through World of Music. With acts from Nigeria, The Bahamas, St. Lucia, and Brazil, this event will take you all around the world. Join us as we  celebrate the diversity the GTA is known for.

Featuring performances by Judah the Lion, Smallz, Onoola-Sama, and Mari DK! 

Hosted by Trent Wright




At 25, Saint Lucian Asher “Smallz” Small is critically acclaimed among his peers, and that is perhaps the most credible calling card for an artiste. That may be because he easily falls into the role of the writer’s editor, the poet’s muse and the composer’s side-kick, because he respects everyone’s art as a valid expression of their unique place in the perpetual crossroads of life. Smallz fits the genres of Hip-Hop, Rap and R&B as a hand fits a glove. Asher writes all of his material and works closely with a select few producers to mould and further his sound constantly. He has executively produced two full length albums to date, the most recent being Constant Shift.  He also has a hefty catalogue of diverse singles and EP's which guarantees that there is something for everyone.

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Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, artist JudahThaLion started releasing music and performing in late 2010 and has blended a unique fusion of island sounds with elements of r&b, soul, pop and hip hop. Along with his band "the Truth" Judah has built a following of reggae fans and lovers of eclectic musical blends and is at the forefront of his own genre of Bahamian music.


Mari DK

Hi! I’m Mari, a Brazilian singer - song writer living in Canada. I hope you feel the love, peace and excitement through my music and the energy that surrounds it. It’s all about love and growth, always.



Toronto-based, Onoola-Sama is a versatile artist that plays with vapor-trap and alternative rnb, creating almost-ethereal sounds. she wavers from sounds of heavenly hums to raging growls. ultimately, she focuses on the immersion of her sound.

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Delon Om

Born and raised in Toronto, Canadian singer/songwriter Delon Om is poised to play a revolutionary role in the music industry. A former contestant on Canadian Idol, Om has been producing music for many Torontonian artists. In 2012, he teamed up with Sean Hakim and Jenny Walls to form the dynamic

pop-trio Starchild X. After co-writing a mere one song with his producer, Sheldon Moore, the group was catapulted to instant stardom when Virgin Radio 99.9 (CKFM Toronto, Canada) welcomed the single “Superstar” into rotation. “Superstar” hit the airwaves in 2013 and it didn’t take long for the record

labels to take heed of this: the group was courted by both Sony and Ultra Records. After signing with Ultra Records, Om collaborated with Alex Gaudino, a prolific DJ in the global community. After this endeavor, Om decided to pursue a solo career, and his success thus far is nothing short of remarkable. In

2018, he was invited to perform at the 13th Annual Caribbean Hall of Fame Awards. His latest single “What We Guh Do Now?” (featuring Juno nominated artist Trinity Chris) held the #1 spot on various radio charts in Jamaica. Another one of his singles, “Someone Special To Me”, was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary “This is for Toronto”. In 2021, Om teamed up with two-time Canadian Latin Award winner BenAnthony LaVoz and

Latin Grammy winner Sensei Musica to release “The Gentleman & Scholar”. Om has also worked with Juno Award winning producers Sheldon Moore and T.J. Habibi on his highly anticipated solo album “Theatre of Cruelty”, slated for release in 2022.

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Tizzy Worldwide

Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Tizzy Worldwide has become a household name for events and promotion for the younger generation. He has hosted numerous events in conjunction with Alpha Sounds, opened for Meg Thee Stallion. He has also been the host for events in Club Crush at the Atlantis. He is well known for his connecting energy, his inviting spirit and unmatchable vibe!